[Reactive Multiple File Upload] End user cannot upload file larger than 7MB
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Our file upload module has a limit of 25MB, we have one user that can successfully upload files but once they exceed 7MB the file upload widget simply spins forever and the file is never transmitted to the server.   The user in question sent the larger file that he is uploading to me via email and I was able to upload to our application which leads me to believe it is some type of client side issue.  I cannot pinpoint what that issue is though, any suggestions on what could be causing this?

Did you checked service center logs for this. What errors are there for this, we can get have some idea.

Ever attempt has an error entry with this Stack Trace.

CommunicationException: Request failed with an error
at c.onError (https://www.abc.com/Portal/scripts/OutSystems.js?xGdp8SOt6XUIcpAjVspAiw:3:6280)
    at XMLHttpRequest.<anonymous> (https://www.abc.com/Portal/scripts/OutSystems.js?xGdp8SOt6XUIcpAjVspAiw:3:1620)

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