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Hi, I am trying to add lesson in InstructorDashboard.The flow is like we need to add a course and than you can see the created course in draft tab and after that you can create chapter  and multiple  lessons against that chapter .But when i try to create multiple lesson for single chapter it is not able to save as same chapter is displayed multiple times against different lesson(maybe new chapter gets created against new lesson).Aslo i need to perfrom previous and next action where i can navigate only lesson using previous and next button.Attaching the oml for the same .please help me out.

eg Course name C++ , Chapter name Intro to C++, Lesson Name- Lesson 1, Lesson 2, Lesson 3

Its shows the screen like
Intro to C++     Lesson 1

Intro to C++     Lesson 2


Hi Siddharth,

I did some changes to hold chapter id and used that chapter id while creating lesson. Please check attached OML.




Hi Vinod,

Thanks for your reply.I have created session variable of ChapterId with Data Type Chapter Identifier

and used assign operator in Select Chapter action with 

Session.ChapterId =ChapterId Assignments.Its still not working as after adding lesson chapter is still getting repeated.
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