Re : Open oml file in VisualStudio

Re : Open oml file in VisualStudio


Could anyone can tell me how open .oml file in visualstudio? bacause when I use Integration Studio I can only open  .xif file

The OutSystems Agile Platform, is composed of three main components: Platform Server, Service Studio and Integration Studio.

Service Studio, serves as the IDE and is used to design your application from user interface, going through application logic and data model. Your application definition is stored in an eSpace with .oml file extension. Thus OML files are meant to be opened by Service Studio.
Try opening the OML file with Service Studio.


Hi Hugo,

I think that you didn't understand my problem. When you open you can read "Open & standard technology. No lock in" so If I would like cancel OutSystems and develop my application in Visual Studio Can I do it?

Hi Norbert,

Quoting another post reply, take a look on this,

by Daniel Lourenço

Rodrigo Castelo wrote a post that clearly explains why you cannot see the Download Source Code feature and how you can get evaluation access to it. Please see the forum post here.

Hope that you get clarified!


Miguel Antunes

Hi Norbert,

A small note from a fellow developer.
(I'm used to coding in C / Informix 4GL / Powerdesigner / PHP etc.)

I think that as soon as you experienced the Agile platform, it's version control, database management and
design and deploy speed for a few months you'll find that the design environment helps you in a way that
you, as a developer wouldn't want to take the step back to Visual Studio.

You'll start thinking on a higher level of software development because of this change and will also
feel less limited or restricted as you may feel at the moment.

At least that has been my experience.
I also (still) do a lot of Linux Bash script development and somehow thinking in Outsystems designs seems to make that easier too.


When we develop using the Community version, the code is with lock-in.
I would like to know if I build a small app using the community version and then afterwards my client wants to upgrade the license, will then the no lock-in be applicable for all old applications as well?
This was a question raised by him - because he wants to start low and test the water.
Thank you