How to use JWT component

Could you please share any oml where you created JWT token for authentication and validation?


Here are interesting articles on how to implement JWT  with OutSystems.

Articles have their corresponding Forge components available to try out.

Hope this helps!



As per my understanding, we need to add dependency of the JWT component into our application. Use create the action of the JWT component on the home screen in our application.

Is this my step correct till now?

Here I am not sure how to give PlainText value input.

  1. Could you please guide me in completing the process?

Hello Ashish,

have you checked the Steps provided in the JWT documentation ?

This is helpful Implement first time using this (with the step they mention everything):

Thanks and Regards,
Akshay Deshpande

Yes,  I followed same step.

  • Created GenerateJWT action on screen (used CreateSignedSymmetricTokenService action in this)
  • Validate as below
  • I can create key for Asymmetric only to select RS256, RS384 and RS512 on How to create for symmetric?

Hi Team,

Can anyone guide me step?

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