Export to Excel XSLX files

Export to Excel XSLX files

Hi all,

I need to export to Excel, data with more than 65536 rows.
In OutSystems Platform 5.1, is it possible to export xlsx excel files?

Best regards,
Miguel Oliveira
Hi Miguel,

Unfortunately not: version 5.1 will only produce "normal" XLS files with the 64k row limit. Version 6.0 of the Platform, however, outputs XLSX files and does not have the old format's limit.


Actually you might want to create an XML file yourself.

An XLSX file is just a zip file with some XML content.
Rename attached TextFile.xlsx to .zip and open it.

You find "sheet1.xml" in \xl\worksheets\

Create a Structure (Record type) according to that XML and do an RecordListToXML instead.
Only problem then would be to put that XML in the ZIP file and save provide that file to the user as an XLSX.

Hope that kind of helps. :)