[Advanced Excel] How we can hide particular column values from user using Advanced Excel widget
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Hi all,

I want to hide particular column of excel sheet from user, this is because as user import same excel sheet after changes , i can able to perform operation using that column id.

Suppose, as mention in image, there is column contain names and another column is id, after changing names from user, user will import same excel sheet and i will update in table using id mention in another table. 

So, i do not wish to display that id to user. How can hide in excel using Advanced Excel widget 


You can use Column_Hide_Show method to hide any particular column in the worksheet. Given in AdvancedExcel demo as well.


Hi @Vikas Sharma ,

Thank you for time but it is just collapsing column, user can see it if he drag out. I want to hide value completely from there

Thank you

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