Outsystems + Android studio integration fails
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.14.15 (Build 60176)

I have an android app that also uses outsystems. However since the last update when i put outsystems in my app i am getting an error on my JOSE (JavaScript Object Singing and encryption) which is return null from the server. In this manner i cannot access to the request server and my app does not work

If i run my app without outsystems component it runs perfectly


Could you please clarify your question?  You can create mobile apps in OutSystems and you are able to integrate with other systems. But you can not create OutSystems components and inject them into a conventional Android app. 

We have an app that its build using outsystems and using android. 

For security authentication we must construct a JOSE Object for passing to the server . It is construct with header, body and signature

However when we integrate outsystems, the header returns null and It is not possible to pass it to the server

We dont know if the last updates of outsystems have some impact on encryption or some restriction reading info of the phone

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