onBeforeRequest remove headers not working
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.14.14 (Build 59901)
Platform Version
11.14.0 (Build 34092)


I want to do some HTTP-Header magic in the OnBeforeRequest Action in a consuming REST call. The magic works just fine, but only one issue I still have.

Here is the issue:
My API action has input parameter as header type. From this parameter, I generate (dynamically) some other variable HTTP-Headers. Now I delete the input header from the header list in the CustomizedRequest. The Issue occurs now the deleted header is sill in request that receives the server.

Here are simplified flow off my REST call:

When I debug this flow, everything is fine and the "DynamicTempHeader" header is removed from the headers. But the server still get the "DynamicTempHeader" header in the request.

Why is the Header not deleted from the actual request?
Can somebody give me some help or explanation.

Best regards


Hi Sebastian,

Could you please create a OnBeforeRequestAdvanced event and Use it to customize the request before it is sent. 






Thanks for the reply.

I thought about it, but there is some problem I would have, the logic in my BlackMagic box comes with dependencies from different module actions.
I could not see how to fill the action with request information and pass the result to the extension action. Likewise, I also don't know how to call a server action in an extension.


Sorry, I overlooked the links on the bottom. There I saw a potential concept to create actions to get/set header information and using them in a normal call chain. I had never in mind to get data back from an action in OnBeforeRequestAdvanced.

So thanks for your input.

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