[Camera Plugin] camera plugin retries twice to take the picture
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11.14.14 (Build 59923)

pressing the app camera button opens the phone camera, taking the picture and accepting it takes me back to the camera to take another picture again. i have to take a picture twice in order to get it.


Hi Nuno! I have an example in my personal environment that uses this camera plugin and I don't get this error (as pictured below). Have you tried on another device or tried to debug this action?

Well, I tried everything really and I always get the same problem, a have to take a picture twice in order to assign it to a binary variable. :( strange, I have the same issue in Browser mode and on android phone.

I'm getting a bit desperate, Debugging is complicated since you actually need to use the camera and chrome in debug mode doesn't do anything. i tried you a simple flow and configurations as in the picture same problem, different google phone some issue.


Would it be possible for you to share the OML? (i'm assuming you gonna say 'no', but just to confirm)

(and what about creating a new similar action to check if it would behave the same?)

Hello Nuno!

First off, thank you for your interest in our Camera Plugin.

If I may ask, are you running your app as a PWA (via browser on your phone), or did you build the app and are running it as a mobile app? Also, what version of the Camera Plugin are you using?

Best regards,

Alexandre Jacinto

Hello, i build the app and testing it in PWA mode and also in a android phone app not pwa 


Well, problem solved, I was being an idiot :), I was using the camera default button and in the action, I was using again the component like flow I posted. Now works fine without any problems.

Thanks, everyone for the support.

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