How to get the lang based on the environment.
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Hi I have a scenario upto UAT environment I will show the option to switch language to user but In production the language should only be in japanees there should be any options.

I have used the site property values but it is not working.

Hi Brindha,

in the OnApplicationReady system event, you can read a Site Property where the environment name is saved and create a switch/if logic to assign the desired language using SetCurrentLocale action.


Hi Jose,

 Thanks for the response!

In Site property I have use True/False to identify the Environment. If I set the (Show Lang)  Property to False then It will be a UAT environment. Using this I have created a server action to get the site property and also I have called that server action inside the client action That client action is used in OnApplicationReady event.

 I have used the json file to translate the Application. So I have used a Multilingual component's setlocale client action in the OnApplicationReady. Eventhough it is not changing.

Hi @Brindha Jayaseelan ,

There is a functionality available in outsystems Multilingual Locals. where you can convert you application strings to other languages. I think this might help you.

if want to explore go through this URL 

or Can visit to this documentation

hope this will help



Hi Jitendra

Thanks for the response!

I'm not using the outsystem's local multilingual I have used the json file which consist of all the translations. If I used the local I will use the SetCurrentLocale

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