Change Alert UI shown by Message action to a custom pattern

Hi there!

How can I make the Message from an action flow display a custom Alert pattern instead of the original one?

I copied the OS UI Alert pattern to my module and did the alterations I wanted, but now I don't know how to make the application use this altered pattern.

Thank you!

You just need to call that alert, instead of the existing one from OutSystems.

But I think you are doing a bit of confusion because a feedback message is different from an alert widget.

You cannot widgets on action flows.

If you want to change the UI of the feedback message. You can use CSS or you can see some options or hypotheses of a different feedback message.



Hi Marcio, thanks for the quick response.

I thought the Feedback Message used an Alert widget under the hood.
So what I really need is a way to customize the Feedback Message layout. Any advice on that?

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