Is it possible to search in binary content?

I have the situation whereby I save texts as binary data in a File table. Ideal when you don't want to worry about text lengths.
These binary_texts are linked to another table called Task: 1 text per record .

I have made a search action for my Task table but I want also to be able to search in the related text (File) too.
Normally this would be easy by joining the tables and using LIKE. But that will not work in this case due to the binary format of the text.
There is no built in formatting for text to bin and visa versa. There are of course the bin to text actions from BinaryData extension but they can't be used in a query.

Is there an easy way to solve this? Is it possible to search for a text in binary content?
(I have a couple of ideas but wouldn't call them easy solutions...)
Hi Hans,

I'm not sure if this will work, but maybe with an advanced query using somtehing like:

WHERE convert(varchar(max),{Table}.[BinaryData]) LIKE '%' + @SearchString + '%' 
Hi António,

Thanks for the tip.
I have tried this but it generates an error saying that Explicit conversion from data type image to varchar(max) is not allowed.
That was also the info I found on the Ms site saying that this type of conversion was not possible.

However there seems to be a workaround for it but it involves several other conversions.
I will give that also a try but it's not the easy solution I was hoping for..
This works:

convert(varchar(max),(convert(varbinary(max),ENFILE.[BINDATA]))) LIKE '%' + @qSearch + '%' )

Do a double convert from "image" to binary and then char. Also the search works now correctly.
So, yes, it is possible to search in binary content (depending on what is in the bin content of course).

nice find. and what is the impact on performance?
I expected a performance penalty due to the conversions but to my suprise it was not realy noticable during test phase.
It will of course depend on how many records you have and how much data there is in the binary content.
Today I did a test on the production environment with much more data and this went also smooth. 
There is a (very) little time before getting the results but that is what you expect from a search.
So, it works suprisingly well : )