[Multiple File Upload] Multiple issues in the component
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Forge component by Hugo Pinheiro
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Traditional Web
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11.14.8 (Build 58515)
Platform Version
11.13.1 (Build 31652)

Hi MultipleFileUpload team,

I want to report some issues or misbehaviors found while using the MultipleFileUpload widget, version 3.0.3, which could be improved if you guys agree. Here goes:

  • If I choose to use the widget only with the Button upload option, meaning without defining the input attribute 'ContainerId' with the droppabel area I get a javascript error in the page:

So it seems that the widget always needs that container and expects the droppable area. This situation can be seen in the demo module.

  • There's a web screen called 'ProcessFiles' that is anonymous and this is a security issue. Should not be anonymous.
  • The event notifications triggered after an upload gets me confused:
    • If a file type is not accepted this error message is sent:

"error[1]:[<filename>]: Invalid file. Supported extensions: pdf"

But immediately after this event, I get a second event with an ok response which shouldn't ever happen:


So, this means that if I want to control how many file responses I can get from each file that I upload, means I can get more than one message per file, turning the logic control to be harded to do.

  • File size error:
    • "error[0]:<filename> is too large, the maximum file size is <value>MB."

This error prevents any other file uploaded correctly to be processed, opposing the previous error which is processed file by file. Also, the file message format is completely different from the previous one:

  1. file type: error[<number_of_files_uploaded>]:[<filename>]: error
  2. file size: error[<number_of_files_uploaded>]:<filename> error

The error messages should have the same format.

  • Layout improvement - what if I don't want the button to be floated right?

I believe the widget could have an 'Extended class' input which could display the button left, center or right as it is now.

Combining the button with the mandatory droppable area that must exist in the page and trying to display the button differently, it's not that easy to manage the existing CSS. More flexibility here could be also an improvement to be considered.

  • Don't get the point where the demo instructions suggest having a session variable just to collect every error message retrieved - a local variable does the same idea.

Great work, by in overall I think the main improvement should be the component to fire an event per file uploaded and the module which consumes it, should take control using some kind of logic built upon each response, using the referred <number_of_files_uploaded> more directly and also trying to take out the filename.filetype or mime-type per file. The current logic seems to be too attached to the UploadCache entity which should be only a temporarily entity as per its current definition (timer runs each 15 min. and deletes the uploaded files).


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