[OutSystems Maps] How to insert window info in Outsystems map widget?
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Hello! :D

So my question is exacly what is happening here: question.
But the solved asnwer doesn´t actually show how it was solved, neither has a OML attached has its said in it.

Can anyone give a brief example of how to do this?

All help is appreciated ! :)


Hello @Ricardo Figueiredo,

I believe that what you want is the MarkerPopup* functionality:

If so, it is already supported, and you can download the sample on how to do it.

Let me know if this helps,

*for some reason the official sample of google maps is not working, check the leaflet, just to see how it looks - it will be the same to both providers.

This is exacly what i wanted!
Didn't knew that there were outsystems components to work with this already, thanks! :D
Appreciate your help! :D

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