Data in Date Picker (OutSystems UI 2.8.3) not displayed in UI


We are using the new date picker (Outsystems UI 2.8.3) on platform version 11.15.0 to replace the deprecated version. While in the process, we came across a scenario where refreshing the page multiple times or opening the page multiple times, the data that has to be displayed on the Date picker input is not being displayed. This is related to the UI since we noticed that the data is fetched into the variable bound to the input inside the date picker.

When we inspect the input widget, noticed that there is a style - type = 'hidden' because of which the date is not shown on the UI. But not sure why the input field is getting hidden when refreshing the page.

Note: There are no conditions added to the visibility of a date picker.

Screenshot-1 : When it loads data for the first time

Screenshot-2 : When the page is opened or refreshed multiple times

Screenshot-3 : Style of the date picker input field on inspecting the element


Sai Ravali

Hi  Sai,

This is a bug facing from the new  UI version, you can manage this in two ways

1. choose the older version date picker (DEPRECATED_DatePicker) if available.

2. Change the datatype of the input you use in the date picket to text. In this way, it will not hide the data at runtime.

Hello Sreejith,

Thanks for the swift response. We also tried to use the text input in the date picker but yet it is not displayed on the UI.

ok! then try the 1st option. As I told it's a bug in the new version

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