Bits & Bijt v3 - Community meetup in the Netherlands - September 22nd

Bits & Bijt v3 - Community meetup in the Netherlands - September 22nd

Hi everyone!

A few months have elapsed since our last get-together in the Netherlands. Hopefully you have all been enjoying a great Summer since then, so we thought we bid the current Season farewell and welcome this year’s Autumn in the best way possible: with a new Bits & Bijt meetup!

As always, we’d love to have as many fellow developers there as possible (Dutch or otherwise) and, on a personal note, I look forward into meeting many of you in person for the first time. Think about it: it’s your chance to see what the left side of my face looks like! :)

Anyway, the date for the event is September 22nd and, as usual, it will be held at the OutSystems office in Maarssen. The session details haven’t been finalized yet, but they will revolve around practical applications of the Agile Platform 6.0, including mobility (more details will follow). Not only that, we plan on bringing you guys a bit of Portugal this time around!

Curious? If so, register for the event here so we can organize everything. Also, if you have any questions or comments drop a line on this thread.

Meanwhile, all the best,



cannot come. It's on a thursday again
Sorry to hear that Joost... I was very much looking forward into meeting you there. :(

For everyone else, the schedule is already up on the registration page and there are seats available! Have a look (and enrol) here:

Be there or be square! :)