Passing search from parent screen to web block

 I want to search the list contained in table in parent screen. But in parent screen one column is in block. Then how can I search that? 


Hi Prasath,

Seems like in your web block you are using a list and you are passing a search text in input parameter of a web block

Now how are you binding the list of the web block is it a aggregate if yes then you use like operator  in aggregate filter with the input parameter search text.

Best Regards


No it's not working because I used group by Name in aggregate on web block...

Hi @Prasath Champ,

Assuming that you are using aggregate inside the web block, and here you are passing search text to the block so apply the search filter to the aggregate which you are using inside the web block.

And make sure you are refreshing that aggregate OnParameterChange event of the block.

If you still facing problems after all these steps. Then, I recommend you to share the screenshots of the web block.

Best Regards,


I already done that earlier.It's not resolved

Have you tested your aggregate? Is it returning the right result while testing?

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