Bind DropDownSearch to variable for initial selected item
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I'm trying to set the initial selected value of a DropDownSearch, and the only way I've found so far is to bind the SelectedOptions property to a variable List of DropdownOption, which needs to be manually initialized after the aggregate gets it's data. 

Is there a better way to do this ? This control used to have a SelectedItem to do this, but has since lost that property.

For reference : [Reactive] Set selected item with data from DB in DropdownSelect


HI @Francois Gaudet , while the SelectedOptions parameter have changed to a list format, you can still put directly in the DropdownSearch widget the value that you want to use/see as default.
Previously you would only have to click a small "+" sign near the old SelectedOption property to display a Value and Text to fill, now you can click on it twice (one to say you are filling in the first record of that List, and once again to fill in that first record itself), as shown in the screenshot

This way you don't have to initialize any local variables of type List of DropdownOption.
Is this what you wanted to achieve?


Hi Paulo, 

Yes, that's exactly what I needed! I've got it working as intended now. 

Still have to handle the OnChanged event to propagate the change back to the source Entity, but it's good not to have to deal with what was becoming an overly complicated initialization. 

I have to develop the reflex of checking for those hidden "+"...  

Thanks !

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