Change the icon size inside the container when i click on it
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I am having issues at how can i modify the icon size inside the container when i click on it. (i am doing a feedback page with smiles)

For example, when i click on very good, the icon will be bigger or something, i really need this. 


Hi João,

You can change icon size using below JavaScript code -

function ChangeIconSize()
    var element = document.getElementsByClassName('fa fa-fw fa-smile-o fa-2x')[0];

You need to call this JavaScript function on container onclick -

Here is the sample link -



I'll try it, but i have 4 different smiles, for example when i click on very good, it will be bigger, but if i change and click on very bad the very good will return to the normal size and the very bad will be bigger.

And where do i put javascript in Traditional? If you can, put drop the oml and i see it.

You can put javascript in web screen JavaScript Property. Please see the below screen -

Hi João, 

Please find the attached oml.




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