How to send information filled in an application by email?
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I am creating an application, people will have to fill in the Full Name, Contact, WhatsApp Contact, Citizen Card Number, Availability, Your Characteristics, Date of Birth, Location, Year of Schooling, Face Image and Body Image.
All this information will be sent by email.
 The problem is that I receive the email but without the information filled in.

Hi Partilha,

You are calling a server action to send the mail, so follow these steps to get the information.

 1. Pass the Id of the entity that contains all the records to the server action.

 2.  Add an aggregate to that server action filter with the Id you will get all the needed records.

3. Pass that record as a new argument to the email. And you will receive all the records in the email template as an Input Parameter. and you can display the information in the template.

Use the Current, not the List.

Hope this will help you.

Thanks and Regards,

Sreejith Surendran

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