Change the title placeholder width, how?


I imagine that I would need to use CSS to change the width of it.

Could not find a way to do it.

Already exist a class for the title placeholder?

What would be the css to change the width? Now the placeholder goes until the middle of the screen and I would like it to go 80% to the right. 

Kind regards


I think is this. Try please.



flex: unset;


Hi, thank you for your answer.

I tried but did not work.

I inspected the page and when I click there says: 

div class=header-left" id=b1-b1-Headerleft"

Tried to change inside outsystems the CSS to 

.header-left {


flex: unset;


also did not work.

kind regards.

Manage to do it now with the solution you presented. Thank you.

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