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Forge component by João Barata

I saw on a previous thread that it was possible to search on an encrypted field using the CryptoAPI component. What actions from the component do I need in order to search on an encrypted db column?

I am encrypting SSN. I need to be able to both search Users based on SSN and also be able to display SSN in my application. Encrypting using a deterministic cypher approach allows me to search easily by encrypting the search text and matching what's in the database. Displaying the SSN is easier using something like AES where I can pass in a key and the cypher text and display the plain text but this would take a hard hit on performance in order to search.

Using the general Encryption Decryption Action Available in the Component would fulfill your Search requirement.

But as I could understand  that you are trying to Encrypt /Decrypt a search value ,Pass it to the DB search, get the value back. Encrypt/decrypt and showing the same.

this would not have any impact on the performance as long as your data retrieval and search are performing fine.
these actions are sparkling quick.

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