Redirect the user when delete the last record of a page


I have a table with 5 records per page as you can see in the following print

When I am on the random page (that isn't page 1) and i try to delete the last record of the page (i.e.) 

and I have a problem that the outsystems don't get that theres no more records to show on that page and don't update the table correctly as you can see (the pagination is gone because the table knows that with only 5 registers theres no need to show the pagination, and the pagination count is not correctly)

What I want is if, the user delete's the last record of any page, they will see always the page 1 or the previous page of the table, but i am not able to do that because i an not understanding how can i find if the page is empty on the aggregate. Someone can help?

Hi Pedro,

On Delete click you can implement your logic to refresh aggregates and set StartIndex  =StartIndex-MaxRecords

Please find the attached oml as well.


Thank you, this resolve the problem

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