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Just wanted to ask how you guys search files in SFTP. I need to check if the file exists.

What I did is I used the Search action, to get the file, append it to the temp variable and have a condition to check the file size. 

Are the other ways to check whether the file exists or the best way to check the file?




Hi Ruru,

There is an Exists action which returns true/false if the file exists, based on an exact filename match. A zero-bytes file is still a valid file, which is not going to give you the same results, given you check for file size.

Using Search seems like the best approach for your requirement.



Thanks David! I can't find the Exist action but I think I get what I should do now.  Currently, I'm having issues with this because the screen takes too long to load, I think I need to change my approach. Thanks again! Ruru

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