[Multipart/form-data] How to use Multipart/Form-data forge component
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Forge component by Kilian Hekhuis
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Hello, I'm relatively new to outsystems and I'm trying to consume a rest api method that uses POST to deliver data to my application. I fought a lot with outsystems own consume rest api method until i decided to try and implement this forge component.

Anyways, I'm now having quite a lot of trouble implementing this due to lack of documentation (or my own abilities to find it). I'm in a need of help on how to use this component from start to finish.


Hi Ronivil,

You can download the demo application that is available with this forge component. Please see the below screen -



Yes i saw the demo app, but i didnt get any help from it. In postman i have a body that contains json, and that json has parameters that i use to fetch data from the api. Problem is that i have no clue how to implement the same data into outsystems and this forge component.

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