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Hi All,

I have a API collection, which is working in postman but not working in outsystems  personal environment.

getting "Internal Server Error. Unable to connect to the remote server " error.
APIs belong to my organisation, the API s are pointed to local machine.  to connect I have a VPN connection.

I have another APIs, which is belong to my organisation that is hosted in cloud. those APIs are accessable via outsystems

Here, I have doubt     outsystems PE is in cloud. so cloud (PE) to cloud (public API) connection is possible.
 for cloud (PE ) to local machine connect requires need any additional setups like VPN to be installed, or Headers to be added, ......

when calling Rest API  in  from outsystems PE is like,  Rest call from cloud or Rest call from local machine.?

_Navaneethan M

Hi _Navaneethan,

If your REST API is hosted in your local machine then you will need a public IP or a  domain that will point to a public IP otherwise that would not be accessible to rest of the world

As from POST Man you are accessing from local to local that's why you are getting result  

When you are calling the REST api from PE then the rest call is through cloud and your local machine is not reachable there unless you have a public IP or a domain.

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