Role Checking in v6

Role Checking in v6

Hello gang, I am migrating to v6 from 5.0 and am having trouble getting Role checking to work right.  I was having trouble getting the Roles to work in my 5.0 application so I started a new app (RoleTest) using the New Application button, just to do some testing, which I have attached to this post.  First  I created the Editor and Manager Roles in the eSpace and after publishing I created two users in  http://localhost/Users/  and gave one the Editor Role and the other user the Manager Role.  When I access the app as either user the Role checking is not working except that it is showing a Registered user is accessing the page.

It's as if I am missing a step in applying the Roles except that they are showing up in the Users app so it is partly working.  I looked through the Academy but didn't find anything directly relating to using Roles.  I don't want to have to install EM since it was always overkill for our simple app but do need a couple of Roles.

Thank You for any assistance,
Server 2003 R2 Standard
SQL Server 2008 Express with Tools
Agile Platform
### Update
Okay, I was playing around with Themes and went to Add / Remove References to update the available Themes in the app and noticed that Users required updating and what do you know???  The Role checking started to work after I published the RoleTest app again.  Go figure.  I'll have to test to see if that's normal and recurring every time you create / modify Roles.

Hi David,

I'm glad you sorted it out, but I am still left curious about what could be causing the problem initially.

Any chance you could tell me what appeared as outdated in the references of the original eSpace prior to refreshing? Please also let me know if the differences you find appeared as broken or not broken (see for more info).

Unless the reference was broken you shouldn't really get that behaviour.


Hi Miguel, it was the Users producer that was ourdated but I don't remember seeing any icon other than the refresh icon.