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I'm using a chatbot in my application. I have enabled the CSP for my application but I am unable to load my chatbot. I have added some scripts for google analytics, google maps and Facebook login. These are working fine but getting some errors in console as seen in image below.

I have added the URL's for CSP by using this link. 

CSP Packages 

Here are some links which I have mentioned for google analytics, google maps and Facebook login.

Hope you understand my problem. Any help or suggestion will be appreciated. 



Hi Prince,

Have you added powerva.microsoft.com in csp?

As it is also rendering from other source.

Best Regards

Thanks for the reply, Devendra.

No, I have not added powerva.microsoft.com in CSP. I don't know from where it is rendering here.



Kindly add it as it seems like chatbot need that for rendering

Yes, added in Connect-src and script-src section. that error has gone. I can see the chatbot now but it takes a long time to respond. I made a circle for the chatbot for the reference. 

so in which method you adding this code (java script) for chat bot ? 

This URL (powerva.microsoft.com) I have added in Connect-src and Script-src in CSP for Chatbot.

Sorry, I think my query was not clear enough. As you mentioned that chatbot takes time to respond on the screen. So I wanted to confirm where (onReady, onInitlize, ... ) you added java script code to show that chat bot.


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