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Hey everyone

I have seen a few times in OutSystems, that you can have buttons on the login screen for diffrent roles. This buttons simulate a login for a specific role for testing. I know how to build this function.
My only point is that this was presented as a standard feature of OutSystems and I cannot find it anywhere.

Does someone no where to find it?

Best regards

Hi @Dimitri Miller

Not sure I understood your question.
Outsystems offers you the CheckRole function, like you can see in this image (is this the standard function you were looking for?)

To simulate buttons for logins for a specific role for testing, you just add that condition of checkRole of the specific role you want, when logging in through that button.

Was this your question? Let me know if this helped!


Hi Paulo, thank you for your answer.
I know this funcitons and how to build the login screen on my own. I mean a login screen like the following one. Somehow I have seen several times in demos that OutSystems can create those two role buttons on it's own. But I really can't find the feature.

In your Logic Tab there is a folder for Roles. These roles can be mapped in LifeTime and will control the "Test" users or indeed, real users for your app.


Lifetime has nothing to do with this

Actually, if you are talking about Role Mapping and User Management, that IS handled in LifeTime.

In fact, you can watch any of the early demos or courses and it will walk you through establishing and managing roles. Early demos are a great place to start as well.

Dimitri, there is no standard feature for this. But fortunately we have the Forge.

I built this a long time ago. I believe it does exactly what you want, but perhaps you can change the widget, as it is a combobox at this moment.


Agree, I don't think there is any such standard feature. You just need to create some testing users for each role and then on login page you can give login button for different roles. On click login into the application using testing user credentials according to the assigned roles.


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