Regarding Dropdown Tag Widget

HI All. Assume that we have one Dropdown Tag Widget. in this widget when user click open space in this widget this widget shows user list. but requirement is when user only click the "search" text it will have to show the list. how can restrict the this ..



This should be addressable through your OnClick event of the widget. Would it be possible to see your OML for this?


Are you using the "DropdownTags" widget from OutsystemsUI? Just made a quick test with that one (NOT the deprecated one) and the search is always selected by default when you open the dropdown, and if you click anywhere else it will close it, so you wouldn't have any problem of the list still displaying if you click anywhere else.

OML would be appreciated!

Good suggestion, @Paulo Ritto 


I have Attached OML Down here.



This is quite late notice, but I opened your oml and you are indeed using a deprecated version of the dropdown tag, use the newer version and you won't have that problem!!

Let me know if this helps,

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