Which Password to use to connect to server

I am new to Agile Platform. I downloaded Agile Service Studio and when I am trying to connect with localhost and admin as username, what password should I use.
I would appreciate if someone can help.

Hello Sandip, and welcome to this awsome community!

The default password is also admin on a fresh installation of the platform. The point here is that you mention that only have downloaded the Agile Service Studio, which is our IDE, therefore you're probably missing the Platform Server where you would connect. 

There are two options for you:
-Try the platform in the Cloud.
-Install the full version with all components in your server.

And one more note, since you are new here, don't forget to take a look on Training Courses where you can learning all the basics.

Hi Sandip,

Further to Miguel Antune's reply above, assuming you are taking option 1 (of trying the Platform in the cloud), please note that the password for admin is sent to the email address you specify when you create the sandbox (and it will not be the default 'admin' password).

Hope this helps - enjoy the Platform,

Miguel Melo