How is Active Directory end user authentication working?

I have a question about AD Authentication working.

1) how is OutSystems know this is AD user, is there any flag attribute in Users entity or somewhere?

2) based on I have set AD authentication, if I created User A on OutSystems User already (for assign role before user login), then when user A log-in at 1st time, Could it be possible the User A account will have any error or duplicate?

Thank you in advance.

Hello OT,

I don't think so there is any flag in USERS entity to identify that user is from AD group. When AD authentication happens if user is authenticated successfully then user is created in User table while first time login otherwise it gets updated like last login datetime.

If you create an user before authentication and AD authentication works on Email(username) it may not give any error since its authenticates via email or username and if it finds same email in USER table it will just update it and not create it.  

Thank you very much, Nitesh :)

Great , hope it serves your purpose.

Thank you very much, Shubham :)

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