Display multiple fields in a drop down

I've dragged an entity onto a web page and have the table displayed correctly.  When I click on the Create New X link, I get the correct pop-up web page.  The pop-up web page contains an field with a drop down input.  That drop down list is linked to another entity called "Components".  The problem is that in the table components contains data where the name is the same, but the version number is different.  When you click on the drop down button, you'll see a bunch of components with the same name, but you can't see the version number associated with that component.  

Is it possible for a drop down input to display two fields from the table it references?


Hi Craig

Why don't you use two drop downs? one for the name and another for the version depending on the name chosen.

Another way, maybe more simple, is using an autocomplete instead of a drop down, and there you can display the two fields as you want. You only need to set the autocomplete suggestion label with the name and the version.

Hope it helps,

Sérgio Oliveira
Hi Craig,

I did a sample for you, that you can check in attachment.
The image bellow is the expected result in the eSpace.

If the number of records to show in the drop down are many, using an autocomplete as Sergio suggested, may be the better option.

Nelson Baptista
Thanks so much!

I want to experiment with the autocomplete widget, but every time I try and drag it to a web page, I get the red "denied" circle.

How do I use an autocomplete widget to accomplish this?


I tried following your example, but the Component Name and Version are contained in a table that I'm joining.  The tables are:

  ServiceId (FK)
  ComponentId (FK)


I tried going down the road of using an advanced query to combine the name + version, but I was getting errors on the Save action for the popup.  It looks like there is no way to copy or edit the default CreateOrUpdateComponent_Use action that is created when the entity is initially created.  I tried to see if Integration Studio would let me see what is going on in that action, but to no avail...
Hey Sergio...  How do I populate the second drop down with only Versions of the Component Name selected in the first drop-down if those values are being pulled from a table I've joined to the record I want to create.  See a previous post for the table structure.

Hi Craig,
in order to do the autocomplete with the inteli warp your espace needs to be a native application...
so if you are getting trouble creating the autocomplete you can create a new application and create the autocomplete there, then copy paste it to the espace that you want.


Carlos Rocha

Hi Craig,

I didn't understood what was your problem on the advanced query on save action, but in attach I send you an example of the autocomplete with you structures.

Check "ComponentUse_Edit" screen on my eSpace to see if it helps.


Sérgio Olivera