[Case Management framework] Pushing workflow back to specific activity from any point
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Good morning,

I’m trying to get the last piece of a process flow in place and having trouble building it. I’m using Case Management Workflow, here's a sample workflow.

The workflow is basically: 1) user selects an option, depending on the option picked, reviewers do stuff and approve or reject the option.

My problem: There is a super admin role that has the right to send this workflow back to the UserPicksAnOption HA at any point. I obviously can’t close or skip an activity and can’t use a conditional start to go back to UserPicksAnOption because I don’t need 2 parallel flows going. I have to keep the main process open until the review is complete.

My current thought is to wrap each Flow in a sub-process and associate them with the main process. It keeps the main process open while allowing the super admin wants to send the flow back to UserPicksAnOption, then:

  • Do a conditional start in the terminate the sub-process.
  • Set an output parameter on the process to tell a decision point in the main process to go back to UserPicksAnOption .
  • Terminate the sub-process.

See new sample workflow for this modification. All of this is possible with Cmf.

My question: Is there a better way to do this? Is there something painfully obvious I’m missing that I could use to keep the first sample workflow intact?

I think in this case you can start different bpt and parent BPT will wait till then.

UserPicksAnAction is a parent process here. It will not close and according to condition supervisor review on initial review. Then from supervisor review/initial review will return the final result after processing and according to returned result UserPicksAnAction will get process either complete or execute any other condition as per your requirement.

By this way UserPicksAnAction will not complete an if super admin takes any action he can take.


Thanks for the Vikas. I'm goin to go with my original post. It didn't take long to build and has been working well. 

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