Automatically creation of entities or actions in OS / Automatically programing

Hello everyone,

I'm wondering if there is a way to use speech recognition in OS to create a new entity, action or to control the UI items in OS. 

Is there any APIs or forge components that could help me? 

thank in advance


It's an idea... and I think we should appreciate the creative thinking :-)

But, personally, I don't think we need speech recognition for better development in outsystems.
The whole point behind the platform and service studio, already is to greatly increase development speed.
Creating a new entity is done in a few clicks, data types are inferred by naming conventions, a list-detail screen setup of your new entity can be scaffolded within seconds. And UI, for a great part, already comes down to drag&dropping into the design.

I see you joined the outsystems community in march this year, welcome! I'd say just give yourself some more time to explore the way service studio works, I'm pretty sure you'll already be amazed about all the helpfull things that are already available out of the box, even without speech recognition development. :-)

Thank  you for answering,

The idea came out to help people who suffer from physical disabilities, so to make the accessibility for those users easier. 

So if there is any Idea to help my achieving thsi goal, I'll be thankfull.

thank in advance



The question/idea is about enabling developers with disabilities to code using voice. The information you shared is not relatable to it. 

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