Calling soap End Point URL dynamically
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Hi Team,

I'm having a 100-1000 records of a table one of the column is of End Point URL for soap service, which is irrelevant to other.

when I click on the table record, I'm collecting the value of Soap URL but how can I reproduce this in Service studio of creation of soap dynamically changing the URL ?

How can I create the soap service having this type of requirement ?

Help me with providing suggestions or references ?

- hanks in Advance
- Palle Vijay Bhaskar Reddy


Have you explored the extension  " EnhancedWebServices" action "SetWebReferenceURL"

Hope this help 


Thank You for the response.

Before that I need to create some soap methods right.

but for that which URL i need to use.
I'm having 100's of URL's.

And any references for help.


even to follow the steps in the documentation to add on before request,
I need to create method right for creation of method what I need to follow

I'm not having one particular URL so,

You will need at least one "wsdl" file to define web server. 

You can create a web service (exposed) in SOAP in another module just to serve as an example.  

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