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Lifetime itself installed in a separate environment, how it interacts with all other environment(dev, qa, prod), what is the architecture setup followed by outsystems?

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Hi @Bootup OS  

Our Organization also have the same Infrastructure we have separate environment for Lifetime in this scenario we have to register each environment (like dev, prod, non-prod ) on Lifetime like :

and for managing application on different environment we have assign roles to our user for each environment :

all application on each environment managed from single lifetime and we can deploy our application from one environment to others from lifetime 

  so by registering environment on lifetime you can manage all yours environment like Dev QA and prod

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Hi Jitendra,


Thanks for your replay,

So, lifetime is like administration or operational tool to setup and manage each environment configuration, I'm fine with that.

My question is about how this infrastructure works, how lifetime has control over each environment, what it is the architecture alignment between lifetime and each environment?

I'm assuming like lifetime environment is foundational layer and other environments are consumers.

Please explain architecture model of this infrastructure.


Senthil N P

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