Not able to add module from manage dependency - doesn't tick all the elements
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I've installed some components from forge. But when I want to add them to my application from Manage dependencies, it doesn't add all the elements (for eg. UI flow of the component). When I check again, I can see that the UI flow element is unchecked.  (Refer images below)

PS : I got the same issue with FullScreenAjaxWait, Spinner, ContentLoadingPlaceholder etc. be it compatible or incompatible with my current application. (I have a list of charts (column and donut) that shows information from API call on button click. and I'm trying to show a loader until the chart is populated with required data - not sure if this information is needed)

When I try to add them - you can see the top element disables the options on right click, also it's not a tick mark, its a square mark i.e. not all elements are selected.

After adding them, when I check again in manage dependencies - whether everything has been added or not - i see that UI flow is unticked/unchecked.

Hi Aman,

If your application is a Reactive application like you mentioned, you can't reference UI elements from a Traditional Web application, which is the case of PageLoader.

Hope this helps,


Hi Pedro,

I have two questions. 

1. How can I check if i'm trying to reference UI elements from a traditional/reactive web app.

2. I also tried for other components - are they also from traditional web application ?

Thanks & Regards,

Aman Devrath

In the forge screen, the icon in Page Loader indicates that the component is a Traditional Web component. Right next to it, in the HTML Loader, you can see the icon for the Reactive components.

You can also filter for Reactive components in the bar that is shown in the screenshot.

Hi Pedro,

Thank you for your help. I can't believe this was so easy and in front of my eyes.

Thanks & Regards,

Aman Devrath

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