Regex_Search wrong configured?

Hi everyone

I am trying to use the Regex_Search Server action with values suggestes by OutSystems in the documentation. Somehow the Regex_Search is always returning false. Is there something wrong in my properties?

The smaller version is also returning false.

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Hi Dimitri,

Your regex expression is correct and its returning true with same values. please see below image

@Dimitri Miller, @Devendra Singh Baghel is correct. In the example you are showing ( @Dimitri Miller ) You are looking at the "Multi-line" boolean which is returning false. You should be looking at the "Found" boolean as @Devendra Singh Baghel is showing. If the problem persists, please post with more details.

@Asher, @Devendra Singh Baghel thank you both. Please take a look on the following picture. We have the same properties. 

Nevertheless Devendran your picture brought me on the right path. I put the "Regex_Search" inside a client action returning always False. Inside a Server action it returns True.

Thank you.

Best regards

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