Highcharts already defined in the page

Hi , Im using a Outsytems Reactive Application. where I am trying to Implement the Highcharts. The same chart needed to be implemented in two different application, In the First applicaation its working Perfectly. But when it comes to the second Application , It tells me the following Error.

Highcharts already defined in the page

This error happens if the Highcharts namespace already exists when loading Highcharts or Highstock.

This is caused by including Highcharts or Highstock more than once.

Keep in mind that the Highcharts.Chart constructor and all features of Highcharts are included in Highstock, so if using the Chart and StockChart constructors in combination, only the highstock.js file is required.



Do you use highchart.js and not the Outsystems Charts component ?

Outsystems Charts component is using highchart inside it, so maybe your problem because of this.


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