Timer job issue
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I have  a timer which inserts a record from a excel input file. 

Issue: This insert works fine when  in a debug mode but throws the below error when i call it directly from a timer. 

Timer BulkUpload error (inside action 'BulkUpload'). Timer duration = 0 secs:SQLServerAgent Error: Request to run job Test Com (from User Osruntime) refused because the job already has a pending request from User Osruntime. [retry 3 of 3 scheduled] 

Any input will be helpful. I am using V11.

Hi @Saravanan Sukumaran Can you share more details of the Logic Used in a screenshot or in an OML?




Agree with @Shubham Tiwari , there is many thing can wrong, even if debug is shows working logic.

The usual suspect is : size of excel and content of excel (wrong format/field/data content)

Please share screenshot or OML.


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