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Hi all

I am using this component. In 


I have passed my aggregate data and after that in Data output variable i have assigned 


 But its give me the error as "datajson.data is not iterable"

and i am not able to show the data.

Appreciated your help...

Hi Nitin,

I might not have enough context, but can I ask if you passed the aggregate data to the input of the API\ArrangeData action enclosed in the ToObject() function? Eg. ToObject(<AggregateData>.List)

If you could send along a screenshot example of your flow where this is implemented (with the inputs) that would also assist us to assist you :)

Kind regards,


Hi Heinri,

Thanks for the information..

Its work for me.

I already used ToObject(<AggregateData>.List.current)

So, i Just removed Current and use ToObject(<AggregateData>.List)

And its working..

Appreciated your quick response.


Hi Nitin,

I am happy it is working again, glad I could help!

Kind regards,


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