Formatting Problem

Formatting Problem

I'm trying to do something quite simple but I don't seem able to and service studio keeps crashing when I attempt it.

I have a table on my page displays a complanys details from a source ID. I needed this to be displayed over two colums (four really, but 2 for labels and two for data) I made this change and the formatting was as expected. I then needed to add some headers in. I added a new row at the top and mergeed the four cells. This worked fine and I was able to add my header.

My problem is that when I tried to do the same further down the page, I couldn't merge all four cells together (only two)

I then tried makin a copy of the top cell that was already merged, I could do this but could only move it down two rows before service studio crashed. After crashing the 'table' option is greyed out and I need to close and reopen. Thn when I try to move the cells it crashes again.

It seems like a very simple thing to want to do, any idea how I can do this without crashing?
Hi Martin,

To create several sections with a heading, the best way is in fact to create several different EditRecords or Show Records (each with its own title).

If you are experiencing a Service Studio problem, please submit your eSpace to so that the OutSystems technical support looks at it. Please explain how you are generating the crash (you can put the link to this forum post).

Kind regards,

Daniel Lourenço