[Ultimate PDF] Pdf generate error(Ultimate pdf forge)
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Hi all,

I want to generate pdf ( when I used ultimate forge component in perosnal environment than its work fine)

perosnal environment:

But when i want to print pdf( in Environment like(Paid) dev environment) than its create a error


method are same than why i faced this issue( please give me a relavent idea and how to solve it)




Hi Mansur,

UltimatePDF plugin is for Traditional Web app, so I assume you already create wrapper from server action to use on reactive app right ? Do you already return the binary data as output parameter ?

Also from the log, it seems the error happened when generating the pdf, and not while downloading the file.

Can you extract the component as demo oml to share in the forum so we can look at it more detailed.


HI @Toto 

can you please check oml file



Hi Masur,

Which Ultimate PDF plugin that you used ? 

Is it from https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/5641/ultimate-pdf ?

After looking your oml, it seems there is problem

Can you tried upgrade the Ultimate PDF plugin then try again ?

Hi @Toto 

yes I used this ultimate pdf: https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/5641/ultimate-pdf


Yes, please update that plugin, it seems there is problem with versioning

I managed to make it work by refreshing dependency.



Yes, update the plugin then refresh the dependency

I already update the forge and  refresh the dependency  but still show this error


Try remove all action of Ultimate PDF first, remove the dependency, publish, add new dependency, then adding again the action

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