Table Record in Two or More Columns

Table Record in Two or More Columns

How do I split a single table record into two or more columns? What I mean is a single table split into multiple ones displayed side by side - I'm not talking about the actual columns of the table.

Like this ...

... with both/all tables being from the same list.

Does that make sense? If you need me to clarify anything let me know.

I know how to create the interface, but I don't know how to have the records split between the two so that half of them display in the first table and the rest of them in the second table.
Hi Britni,

You cannot slipt a table record into two, what you could is have two lists of the same type and append the first list with half of them and the second with the rest of them.

In attach i send you an example of how to do that.

Hope it helps,

Sérgio Oliveira
Ok. I had a feeling it wasn't possible but at least now I know for sure. I already figured out another solution for what I was doing, but I was curious if this was possible.