why IsActive attr not working in aggrigates

I need to use Is active attribute

 but recordes with false value alwayes showed in my queries

Hey Hassan,

If you don't want inactive records to show, you'll need to filter your aggregate using the IsActive = True.

Hope this helps!

Hi @Hassan Shaddad ,

From your own screenshot I can see that your aggregate has no filters!
Because of that all your records are being shown, just place a filter like Order.IsActive = True


hey @Hassan Shaddad  ,  IsActive is a boolean attribute and by default its value is false. so if you want to see this isActive attribute then you have to apply the filter in aggriegate . please apply the filter Order.IsActive = True  or you can set the default value true for isActive attribute.

thanks& regard 


Yes Idid that and  I  draged my aggrigates but it did not create the filter

then try it manually.... go to the aggregate 's filter  and set the condition  IsActive = True 




Hi Hassan,

The "Is Active Attribute" property of an Entity is used by Service Studio to automatically create a filter with that Attribute if you drag the entity on the canvas to automatically create an Aggregate. In all other cases, it does nothing, and you need to manually add a Filter for that Attribute (as others have already written).

hi Kilian Hekhuis
I alreade draged my aggrigates but it did not create the filter


Mmm, funny, it should. I just tested it, and both dragging the Entity into a Server Action, and adding the Entity to a Screen Aggregate, actually produced the Filter. But regardless, the Filter should be there for it to work, if it's not automatically created, you should manually do so.

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