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The application seems to have trouble handling very large factories. At a certain point, the snapshots don't succeed anymore due to timeouts on certain advanced sql statements. See the statement below. I put the timeout over 8 minutes, but it was still failing. I ended up having to write pagination into the statement below for it to get executed.

Also, The "application dependencies" screen and the "eSpace cycles" screen fail to load.

Error executing query. Error in advanced query CreateReferencesOracle in SnapShot_Create in DiscoveryProbe (INSERT @Hint INTO {Reference} ({Reference}.[SnapShotId], {Reference}.[SourceModuleNodeId], {Reference}.[TargetElementNodeId], {Reference}.[IsRecent])  with cte1 as (SELECT SourceModule.Id SourceModule_Id, TargetModule.ModuleDefId TM_ModuleDefId, EspaceRef.RefSSKey E_RefSSKey  FROM   (      SELECT DISTINCT {Espace}.[SS_Key], {Espace_Reference}.[Producer_SS_Key], {Espace_Reference}.[SS_Key] as RefSSKey      FROM {Espace}       JOIN {Espace_Reference} ON {Espace_Reference}.[Consumer_Version_Id]={Espace}.[Version_Id] AND {Espace}.[Is_Active]=1      WHERE {Espace}.[Is_Active]=1  ) EspaceRef  JOIN {ModuleNode} SourceModule ON SourceModule.[SSKey] = EspaceRef.[SS_Key] AND SourceModule.[Kind]='oml'  JOIN {ModuleNode} TargetModule ON TargetModule.[SSKey] = EspaceRef.[Producer_SS_Key]   )  SELECT @SnapShotId, SourceModule_Id, {ElementNode}.[Id], @IsRecentDefault  FROM cte1  JOIN {ElementNode} ON {ElementNode}.[ModuleDefId] = TM_ModuleDefId AND {ElementNode}.[SSKey] = E_RefSSKey): ORA-01013: user requested cancel of current operation

To give an idea of the size of the factory:

389 Applications / 862 Modules and the discovery "Reference" table holds 50K records.

Is an overhaul of the application needed? Could it maybe be included into the architecture dashboard? Or do you see another solution?

Hello Tim,

First of all, thank you for reaching us.

Unfortunately, it seems something is blocking the snapshot creation, at the moment the timer starts.

Look into your factory size, the number of Apps and modules couldn't be the root cause, because we have Discovery working smoothly with the double of the size (image attached).

Just a few questions to understand what could be your issue:

1) What's the Discovery version installed?

2) Have you tried a snapshot in the dev teams off-peak period?

3) Have you run the Cleanup (DBCleaner forge component) process recently?

4) Are you following/applying the Factory's best practices?

Best regards,



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