Page Ordering

How can I reorder my pages in my mobile application? Lets say in my output there is 2 pages. But I want to change their order .  I want to change page 2 and page 1 places. 

Hey @Yigit Atci 

I'm not sure I understand your question. Are you talking about screens? You can right-click on a screen in the service studio and select 'Mark as default screen', and it will be your screen 1.


Yes I am talking about screens but when I cliciked the 'Mark as default screen' I am getting empty page in my output. 

Can you share your .oml so we can see more clearly what's going on?

Hi Yigit,

may be your second page required some value in input parameter which was sent from page1, and now you are directly landing into page2 so not getting that value and you are seeing a blank page. check if this is the scenario.



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