Line Chart , Inconsistent Sample Data

Good morning everyone, I thank you in advance for your support through your response.

I have a problem with my line graph that shows two lines, apparently it does not show me the information correctly, why is it?

my application merges two lists the reservation and delivery.


Hi Ronaldo,

It's difficult to say what goes wrong without looking at the source code that creates the DataPoints for those two lists. One problem may be that the "tiempo" converted into a Label isn't recognized as time, but is treated as just a text label. But I also see some strange shifts in the labels vs. values that makes me suspect that the conversion isn't going well. Can you share your OML?

SORRY THE FILE IS OVER 4MB, but this is my sql script

this query returns the combined data correctly, but in the linear graph it is the problem


Hi Ronaldo,

Like I said, the problem is that OutSystems doesn't understand your time labels, and treats them as any other labels. This means it reorders labels at will, trying to keep labels that appear in both series together, then showing the labels that are in only one series. For example, this is what it produces if I use only the first few data points:

xAxis: { title: {text: ''},categories:['08:26', '11:00', '11:02', '11:03', '11:01']},
series: [{name: 'Reservas', data: [{y:115}, {y:1}, {y:3}, {y:1}, {y:null}]}, {name: 'Entregas', data: [{y:null}, {y:7}, {y:8}, {y:null}, {y:12}]}]

As you can see, the categories are reordered. I don't know how to fix this in a satisfactory way. You can basically do two things, which in your specific case may not be a solution:

  • Make sure that each series contains exactly the same categories (time labels), so OutSystems doesn't reorder them. Downside: you actually need data for each point (you can't add a data point with a "null" value);
  • Make the series actual date/time series, by using a full date/time as category ("Label" in the DataPoint structure), optionally modifying the tooltip to hide the actual date. Downside: the x-axis will be linear, so if there's gaps in the data, there will be gaps in the chart.

Hi @Kilian Hekhuis , I already uploaded the oml  , please i need your help


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