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Hi everyone 

Im new using outsystems need advice and Suggestion from an expert , i developing a mobile apps which is consuming REST API external apps. 

1. first i need to consume login API , for make intergration external user, I already make a custome login logic and external user already recorded in User Entitiy . The problem is how to store and make validate this token who generate automatically every user login from external user ? without token i cant get response from other API because every API need token for validate

2 . this is the step when token from login is getting verifiied

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If I understand your requirement correctly you want to store this token received in login api response, so that can be use for further API Calls. If this is the requirement then you can store the token in UserExtended table( needs to be created extended entity of User).

If requirement is something different then please help to provide little more details.

hi mr @Vikas Sharma

yes i need store token so can be use for further api calls for example i need to consume this api, the api need token for get the data

So you can create new entity (extended of User entity) as I said above. In this entity you can store the token. UserExtended Entity -> UserId (Unique Identifier), token.


Hi Yosua,

You can store token in database entity like user extension entity. 

You need to create On Before Request event handler in your consumed API. In this event handler you can verify your token. You need to get the token from database entity based on login user and verify token. If token not validate then get the new token and update in entity.

Please check below link for On Before Request -



Hi @Vinod Patidar 

thanks for the response, 

So first i need to create new entitity and the Id is user identifier right ? and afther that i doing customization the request.

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